"When we began our search for someone to lead us through the remodel of our home, we went looking for someone who had amazing design skills, and outstanding and significant construction experience. But also and equally important, was someone who was able to offer a true understanding of our needs. As luck would have it, we found that, and much more, in Roman Reiterer.

Roman embodies an incredible mix of creativity, personal integrity and just plain fun. He is always open to any of the (many) changes of direction we have thrown his way. He is joyfully collaborative and respectful of our creative direction and the financial limitations we impose. We have relied on his commitment to getting the job done with superior quality and are appreciative of his remaining calm under pressure.

His design esthetics and passion for quality work are so abundant, that it is no surprise to us that every opportunity he gets, he sets the benchmark for excellence a notch higher."

B.Z. and D.S., Brentwood