"We have been working with Roman for about 6 months now and have made it through the design and city approval process and are actually now beginning construction. He has been an absolute delight and joy to work with so far. He has a great aesthetic and decisiveness in his approach.

For me and my wife, his take charge no BS attitude is also refreshing, and he has such a strong sense of responsibility and attention to detail that we have great confidence in him. Most important, Roman has a truly holistic approach to his work - perhaps because of his European sensibility. He sees what he is doing as a complete picture and not a piecemeal project - he strives for perfection not in the task but in the outcome and the greater goals. He also has an uncanny way of reading the client, their tastes, and their overall sense of where to compromise and where not to.

Finally, he and his partner Joe have embarked on a new philosophy and process in remodeling/building, which is to put the client at the center of the matter, removing much of the traditional excess and shenanigans that typically apply to this world. So far, I am without complaints, which is a great rarity!"

M.Y., Beverly Hills