"My wife and I have worked closely with Roman, in a true collaboration, for almost four years. We did a whole-house renovation with him of a home in the Little Holmby neighborhood of Los Angeles. The house was beautiful when it was built in 1940 but needed a tremendous amount of work by the time we bought it – so the idea was to restore it to “what it was but even better.” (Having lived happily in the renovated home for some years now, we are about to start another project with Roman on the property, a guesthouse and major re-landscaping.) Judge for yourself from the photographs, but I think the results are outstanding; and to say we couldn’t have done it without Roman is an understatement.

Roman is a terrific architect and designer. (Ours is a traditional, Paul Williams-esque house but Roman’s effectiveness would be the same regardless of the style of architecture.) He also, amazingly, knows every trade quite well – and that knowledge, along with his integrity and willingness, makes him a tireless advocate for his client with the contractor. (Roman could himself be the contractor if he so chose.) He finds the best vendors and, again, enforces his high standards on them. Yet, somehow, everyone in the mix not only respects but likes him – his love of what he does and genuineness is difficult to resist.

Not surprisingly, Roman is also very responsible about budgets and schedules. He is remarkably adept at getting top quality for a manageable budget and on a timely basis.

Roman has some other attributes well worth noting: intelligence, an ability to really listen and communicate, creativity in problem solving, a very strong work ethic, and sound judgment (the kind that can avert many a costly mistake).

Need I say more?"

M.R., Little Holmby