"Roman has the unique ability to articulate in design that which resonates with a person's energy and lifestyle by combining his finely honed design skills with a rare gift of intuition. His expertise in scale, space and, proportion is matched by his ability to listen and observe thus making his sole focus about the client.

When our home was completed it truly reflected us in every detail from textures and colors to flow of space, so much so that even six years later, I still marvel at how lucky I feel to be living in a space that feels so right! Roman was able to solve complex design issues that two previous architects and thousands of dollars later, were unable to do. He acted as the lead of our project keeping the time line, construction crew and all of the subs on track. But perhaps the thing I enjoyed most were our buying trips and collaboration. I was always impressed by the genuinely warm and respectful rapport he maintained with every vendor we visited and I especially appreciated his ability to simplify the myriad of choices that mystified me.

Over the year and a half process of planning, designing, modifying and executing, Roman was always responsive and responsible exceeding our expectations for both service and actual design. He is truly a giant in his field, both literally and metaphorically. I tend to be demanding of the people with whom I work and cannot recommend Roman Reiterer highly enough, you can even call me for more proof!"

T.T., Palos Verdes