Roman Reiterer, the principal and founder of RRID, was born and raised in Vienna, Austria where he was trained in Interior Design and Furniture Making. After making his move to Los Angeles in 1995, he finished his education at UCLA in Interior Architecture.

Roman worked during and after his studies at several Architectural and Interior Design Companies, gaining experience as a Project Manager for numerous residential design projects.

While working as a Project Manager, Roman often found himself torn between the needs and wants of his client and the array of professionals hired to complete the project – architect, interior designer, landscape designer and contractors. Learning from these challenges, he saw an opportunity to do things differently. In 2003, Roman founded RRID with the goal of creating a harmonious and productive dynamic between all parties involved to better serve the unique needs of each client.

Roman’s creative and technical skills combined with his love for working with people and unique ability to tap into the psychology of each client is what sets him apart as a leader in residential design. Once working with the client to establish their vision, Roman then carries an invisible thread throughout the house uniting function with style to seamlessly execute that vision, while always respecting the client’s budget.

Over the past decade, Roman has completed more than 150 residential design projects in the greater Los Angeles area, varying from small room remodels to 12,000 sq. ft. residences. Understanding that it takes a village to build a home, Roman has established trusting relationships with top consultants and contractors over the years, which allows him to build the highest quality homes for the lowest possible cost in a timely and efficient manner.

On a personal level, Roman also has a deep respect for how each project fits into the community at large. He understands that sustainable design is not a fad, it’s our future. As a designer, he holds himself responsible for making a conscious effort to develop environmentally sensitive homes, not only to improve the immediate environmental impact but also the longevity of communities by preserving their natural resources.